Did you know that Mighty Clean Home has offered green cleanings for over 12 years now ?  A pioneer of residential Green Cleanings we have a lot of experience in the proper procedures and cleaning products that can clean your home properly and safely.

Why a Green Cleaning ?  That answer is simple. Green Cleaning offers a safer alternative to harsh chemical driver cleaning products.  Not only safer for you but safer for the environment with no pollution.  This is very important for those who worry about the effects of harsh chemical on the body and environment.  For years we have been dumping and spraying chemicals into our homes and planet.  Now that we know there are consequences to doing this, we should do all that we can to avoid polluting our bodies and homes.

That is why Mighty Clean Home only uses EPA's Safer Choice products.  Safer Choice means the products uses ingredients deemed "safest in class" by government and its the highest rating a green cleaning product can have.  If you have children or even yourself that are sensitive to chemicals this is extremely important.  We offer the products that are the greenest cleaning products in the market today.

Mighty Clean is committed to you , your family and the environment.  That is why we offer Green Cleaning Maid Service in Atlanta and surrounding areas north of Atlanta, the best green cleanings possible.  We also offer Office Green Cleanings and Carpet Green Cleanings.

Green Cleaning is also important for those who have pets.  Our pets are another member of our family.  They are also vulnerable to heavy detergents and cleaning products.  Their fur, paws, feathers and skin can get agitated by these cleaning products.  That is why using alternative green cleaning products is a great idea for those who really care about their pets.

This is just another example how we care about you and your family and offer you the best value in the maid industry.   Not only do we offer Green Cleanings but we do it at no additional charge.  Just let one of our Cleaning Concierges now that you would prefer a green cleaning and we will meet your expectations .

Find out why more and more people prefer the customer experience based service that we offer over all other maids in the Atlanta area.

Friendly and Reliable our maids are top notch.  We have been voted the best maid service in Atlanta, Roswell and Marietta.

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Green House Cleaning

Protect your family. Preserve your planet. Enjoy your freedom. We understand you want only the best for your family. We do too. At Mighty Clean Home, we provide Green Cleaning Services that help protect your home, preserve the planet and give you peace of mind. Don’t worry, leave the cleaning to us and spend more time with the people you cherish most.

Benefits of Green House Cleaning

* Our exclusive 45 Point Cleaning Checklist that ensures detail and thorough cleaning with every visit.

* Safer Choice products that are environmentally responsible and just as effective as conventional cleaning products.

* HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths preferred by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services as a better alternative to standard vacuums and dusting practices.

*Please Inquire for Green Cleaning pricing.

See why we’re the best for Green Cleaning in the Atlanta, GA!

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We understand that sometimes your needs are a little bit more than the average customer.  Concerns over allergies , skin and breathing sensitivities drives you to seek out the safest and greenest cleaning solution for your home and budget.  Mighty Clean Home understands your concerns and we have made it easy for you. We only use EPA's highest standard Safer Choice products for your green cleanings. This insures that we are meeting your's and national high standards. ASafer Choice products are designed to be safe and non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Often using ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals, waste, chemicals that increase water pollution and are linked to global warming.

No matter if its for your pets, children or yourself, rest assure that we will do our best to offer simple and effective cleaning solutions for your home.

Our vacuums use only HEPA certified filters that help reduce allergens and dusts within your home.  Vacuuming and dusting frequently will also improve in reducing the amounts of allergens and dust in your home. The more we come the cleaner your home will be.  If your budget is restricted we recommend vacuuming and dusting as often as you can between our visits.

If you are interested in our Green Cleaning Services please contact us by phone or via our free quote form. Please let us know that you are looking for a green cleaning when requesting your quote.  We will strive to meet all your needs with great rates and service.



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