Choosing a Maid Company in Marietta

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Are you looking to chose a cleaning service or maid company ?  In Marietta there are a lot of options but not all of them are equal.

The first thing you ever want to look for when hiring a cleaning company is to make sure they are licensed and insured in the state of Georgia to be in business.  You could severely regret not doing this in the future if you avoid this most critical part.  Making sure the cleaning company you hire is licensed give you assurance that this is a real company that has followed all applicable laws and that they are claiming income tax and are legally allowed to be in business and allowed to work in the United States.   You do not want to go through the nightmare of the IRS claiming that you paid a person under the table and owe thousands of dollars in fines and their income tax withholding.  If you hire an individual and tell them how to clean your home that is not licensed in the state of Georgia to be doing business then they are your employee.  You are legally bond to report and withhold their taxes and are required to pay their workman comps insurance.   If they ever get in trouble with the IRS they will claim you as their employer and if they ever get hurt in your home, your home insurance might cover their medical bills and punitive damages but you will be on the hook to pay their workman’s comp and disability , if you did not pay for their workman’s comp insurance.  If they are illegal or undocumented workers then that is another heap of trouble that you could be facing.

The other part is to make sure that the cleaning company you hire is insured.   Why ?  Well if something happens then their insurance could cover any damages or injuries caused on the job.  Did they leave a sink on that flooded your home or caused damages to your home.  Who will cover it ? Perhaps your home insurance will but maybe not.  If you go after a cleaning company in civil court to cover the cost and they don’t have insurance. It is just easier for them to declare bankruptcy than to you pay you out.

Those are really the worse case scenario but these things do happen.  I have been told by many customers of such nightmares happening.  It is not as rare as you think.  But, more importantly when hiring a cleaning company that is both Licensed and Insured you can rest assure that they have taken the responsibility to build a real business. With real workers and the want to do things the right way.  Would you really hire someone who could not even bother doing so ?  To allow them into your home around your family and possessions ?
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It is often tempting to hire the lady down the street or on Facebook , or recommended by a neighbor who offers a low price.  But, the risk is always going to be there.  Just one slip on a wet floor is all it takes to change your life.

That is why Mighty Clean Home has always been licensed , bonded and insured in the state of Georgia.  We care about you and your possessions.  And we take every step to protect you from any liability

We are also very highly rated and put our customers first.  We want to be different from other companies that no longer care about the customer experience.  We work hard every day to train our maids in the proper cleaning techniques to clean your home.  We insure we clean your home right each and every time.

So if you are looking for a Maid Company in Marietta, Ga then look no more.   Give us a call today at 678 439 9518 or fill out our fast free estimate form.

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