Getting Rid of Bed Bugs the Right Way

Here is a story shared by one of our customers got rid of bedbugs himself. I think this is a great guide for anyone who ever had this problem. Especially those who like to travel and have to stay in hotels.

We got bed bugs when my wife gave birth to our 4 month old , she got them from the hospital She came home and my wife and son started getting hives. They both hive prone and we thought it was spring allergies. But they got worse and finally found out we had bed bugs and there were plenty after only of 3 months of having them.
I got rid of them within a couple of weeks. The most important thing to do is to clean everything in all the rooms, sofa, any where people sit. I found them in our babies car seat.

What I did was empty everything out of every bedroom. washed all linens , clothing or put them on high heat for 45 minutes. Next I took all shoes and either treated them with extremely hot water or rubbing alchohol. i actually saw bed bugs run out of our shoes.

next I cleaned all the kids toys and everything else . I think put everything in black garbage bags sealed them up and put them out side. You need to clean everything !

get rid of bedbugs

Then I attacked the beds i vacuumed everything stripped everything , cleaned everything in hot heat water and dryer including pillows.

Then I encased mattress and box spring.

Next after everything was cleaned out of every room and in garbage bags. I bought Ortho bed bug killer from Home depot , but a couple of the big 2 gallons, it continuously kills for 2 weeks. Then I bought a couple of big bags of DE.

I then sprayed all edges of the beds and box springs and bed frame . under the bed i covered with spray. the headboards need to be all sprayed especially in screw holes. then i sprayed all along the edge of the walls along the molding everything I could , in the closets all inside the ceilings, all corners from the top down. in any little hiding space or seam.
the I took out all drawers out of furniture and sprayed in draws along the seams, under the furniture, screw holes , any slots or small spaces. A place I found a lot of bed bugs was in the under neath of a our 3 year old step stool next to his bed.

I did all this in all rooms just to make sure. Then I got de and put it every where. you can eat the stuff its so safe so dont worry about that. I put it all along the edges of the walls in our closets on all carpets, between the mattress and box springbox and put a barrier around all beds and sofas.

I put tit under sofa pillows under the sofa, in bottom of sofa . Our house was pretty powdery , but thats ok.
I cleaned all toys ,stuffed animals, books. everything you really got to do this.

It was a exhausting but we worked hard and got everything done. The next day , dead bed bugs every where.
My wife and 3 year old son are very allergic, i never had a reaction neither did my newborn. After treatment , my son never had another hive and his arms and legs always had them before . My wife still got bit a couple of times, it seemed only from the living room. So I treated sofa again . Did this over and over for a couple of weeks.
then never had another problem again. its been 5 months. and we are bug free.

The number one thing is cleaning everything , they hide in everything

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