Maid and House Cleaning Service of East Cobb Marietta

Is your home in need of cleaning and you just do not have the desire or time to do it yourself ? Then Mighty Clean Home of East Cobb and Marietta is the right cleaning service for you. We make it easy to have all your housekeeping chores with just a click of a button or a phone call.
Our maids are all thoroughly trained
Located just a few miles away from the Big Chicken, Mighty Clean Home is a locally owned and family run cleaning service company. Our company is ran the old fashion way, by putting our customers first. Each and every time our maids enter your home we strive to achieve the same level of cleanliness you expect and demand. This is backed by our superior customer service that is always available through email, text or phone call. No messing with clumsy apps or home offices that are thousand of miles away. Mighty Clean Home is based right here in Cobb County.
A Cleaning Service You Can Depend on .

Here at Mighty Clean we work very hard to keep our maids trained in all proper cleaning techniques. Backed with our trademarked checklist, each team knows exactly what is expected of them each and every time. This allows your home to be consistently cleaned in the same manner and thoroughness as your first cleaning.
There are many companies out there that offer their services. They use apps or aggressive sales tactics to get into your door. Once, the service starts though the level and proficiency of each cleaning is never consistent. Many of our clients come to us after they dealt with these so called bargain cleaners. Tired and disappointed that their homes seemingly are never really cleaned at all and a parade of different workers always coming into their home, they seek a cleaning company that they can trust and depend on . Look no further for the cleaning service company you have been searching. Get your free cleaning estimate today.
Green Cleanings In East Cobb and Marietta.
If you are like many other Cobb County residents, you are concerned about having toxic chemicals in your home and the impact they have in our environment. Fortunately, Mighty Clean Home offers an eco-friendly cleaning service upon request.
During our eco-friendly green cleaning we will only use Green Certified cleaning detergents and products. These are considered some of the safest and best working natural cleaning agents on the market. Using these products will allow you to live to maintain a clean healthy environment in your home along with having the peace of mind of using environmentally responsible products.
We recommend green cleanings to any home that have family members ( children, pets , parents or spouses ) who have allergies or are chemically sensitive and those who are concerned about the environmental impacts of using standard cleaning products.

Mighty Clean Home Marietta

Located In East Cobb and servicing the surrounding community.

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