Mighty Clean Home specializes in move in house cleaning and maid service.  It is a comprehensive cleaning that gets your home clean and disinfected before moving in. Move-In Cleaning is a deep cleaning that targets all those areas that often go unnoticed and that should be sanitized before you move in your family and belonging.  That means scrubbing bathrooms, sanitizing countertops, cleaning out cabinetry, cleaning inside closets, pantries and much more.

Moving is a big headache and no one knows this better than Mighty Clean Home. We work closely with real estate agents, property managers and landlords so we know the specific needs of a good move out clean.  A thorough move out cleaning can help you get your deposit back on your rental.  It also puts your home in its best light for prospective buyers and lessees.  Lets face it, in this real estate market, you need every advantage you can get.  Call us today for more information on our top rated Move Out Cleaning.
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