Green Cleaning Maids Atlanta

Green Cleaning Maids Atlanta


Did you know that Mighty Clean Home has offered green cleanings for over 12 years now ?  A pioneer of residential Green Cleanings we have a lot of experience in the proper procedures and cleaning products that can clean your home properly and safely.

Why a Green Cleaning ?  That answer is simple. Green Cleaning offers a safer alternative to harsh chemical driver cleaning products.  Not only safer for you but safer for the environment with no pollution.  This is very important for those who worry about the effects of harsh chemical on the body and environment.  For years we have been dumping and spraying chemicals into our homes and planet.  Now that we know there are consequences to doing this, we should do all that we can to avoid polluting our bodies and homes.
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That is why Mighty Clean Home only uses Green Seal Certified Products.  Green Sealed means they have passed the strictest standards in our industry to provide safety and harshness.    If you have children or even yourself that are sensitive to chemicals this is extremely important.  We offer the products that are the greenest cleaning products in the market today.

Mighty Clean is committed to you , your family and the environment.  That is why we offer Green Cleaning Maid Service in Atlanta and surrounding areas north of Atlanta, the best green cleanings possible.  We also offer Office Green Cleanings and Carpet Green Cleanings.

Green Cleaning is also important for those who have pets.  Our pets are another member of our family.  They are also vulnerable to heavy detergents and cleaning products.  Their fur, paws, feathers and skin can get agitated by these cleaning products.  That is why using alternative green cleaning products is a great idea for those who really care about their pets.

This is just another example how we care about you and your family and offer you the best value in the maid industry.   Not only do we offer Green Cleanings but we do it at no additional charge.  Just let one of our Cleaning Concierges now that you would prefer a green cleaning and we will meet your expectations .

Find out why more and more people prefer the customer experience based service that we offer over all other maids in the Atlanta area.

Friendly and Reliable our maids are top notch.  We have been voted the best maid service in Atlanta, Roswell and Marietta.

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Mighty Clean Home offers 20 percent off first cleaning for end of summer sale.


20 percent off maids
20 percent off maids

Now till September 30th you can save 20 percent off your first initial cleaning when you sign up for bi-weekly or weekly service.

Mighty Clean Home Atlanta’s top Maid Service  is now offering every new customer or even returning customer 20 percent off their initial cleaning when they sign up for bi-weekly or weekly recurring services.  You will get the same great deep cleaning that we are famous at a great savings.

For the past 12 years Mighty Clean Home has been known in North Atlanta as the premier cleaning service.  Our maids are highly trained at being efficient cleaners and are hired for their eye for detail and friendly attitude.  If you have ever hired a cleaning service in the past and have been unhappy with the results and customer care, then MCH is the maid service company that you want and need.  What we sell is value.  Value that you will get top cleaning service and you do not have to worry that your home will be cleaned properly every time.

Not only do we offer a great cleaning service for your home, we also do strict criminal background checks on all our maids.  We will never hire anyone who is even questionable to ever enter your home.   We hire positive cleaners with friendly and professional attitudes that are safe to enter your home even when you are not there.

We back all our cleanings with a solid guarantee , that if you are unhappy with our service , give us a call and we will make it right at no additional expense to you.   Not only that, we have old fashion values where customer service and the customer experience comes first.  We are always checking on our work making sure our maids are keeping you happy and you are getting value that you deserve.

So, till the end of September I am extending a discount to say 20 percent off you first initial cleaning when you sign up for recurring services to our award winning maid company.   I promise you that you will not find another cleaning company that truly cares and strives to make you happy as Mighty Clean Home.

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Sure , there are a lot of companies that might offer a cheaper price but they also offer a cheaper service.  A service where  you will be constantly chasing after them for poor cleanings and sub-par customer experience.  Today, there are even simple apps that will send a complete stranger to your home with no training to clean your home for a cheap price.  People with no supervision and requirements to enter your home.  You do not even know that the person you hired will show up instead of someone else.

Not us, never. We use 100 percent American Citizens and Legal Aliens with thorough background checks.  We use the latest technology to keep track our services and customer care. We also are always training and retraining our maids with the best cleaning methods and cleaners.

We are also a Green Cleaning Company !

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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs the Right Way

Here is a story shared by one of our customers got rid of bedbugs himself. I think this is a great guide for anyone who ever had this problem. Especially those who like to travel and have to stay in hotels.

We got bed bugs when my wife gave birth to our 4 month old , she got them from the hospital She came home and my wife and son started getting hives. They both hive prone and we thought it was spring allergies. But they got worse and finally found out we had bed bugs and there were plenty after only of 3 months of having them.
I got rid of them within a couple of weeks. The most important thing to do is to clean everything in all the rooms, sofa, any where people sit. I found them in our babies car seat.

What I did was empty everything out of every bedroom. washed all linens , clothing or put them on high heat for 45 minutes. Next I took all shoes and either treated them with extremely hot water or rubbing alchohol. i actually saw bed bugs run out of our shoes.

next I cleaned all the kids toys and everything else . I think put everything in black garbage bags sealed them up and put them out side. You need to clean everything !

get rid of bedbugs

Then I attacked the beds i vacuumed everything stripped everything , cleaned everything in hot heat water and dryer including pillows.

Then I encased mattress and box spring.

Next after everything was cleaned out of every room and in garbage bags. I bought Ortho bed bug killer from Home depot , but a couple of the big 2 gallons, it continuously kills for 2 weeks. Then I bought a couple of big bags of DE.

I then sprayed all edges of the beds and box springs and bed frame . under the bed i covered with spray. the headboards need to be all sprayed especially in screw holes. then i sprayed all along the edge of the walls along the molding everything I could , in the closets all inside the ceilings, all corners from the top down. in any little hiding space or seam.
the I took out all drawers out of furniture and sprayed in draws along the seams, under the furniture, screw holes , any slots or small spaces. A place I found a lot of bed bugs was in the under neath of a our 3 year old step stool next to his bed.

I did all this in all rooms just to make sure. Then I got de and put it every where. you can eat the stuff its so safe so dont worry about that. I put it all along the edges of the walls in our closets on all carpets, between the mattress and box springbox and put a barrier around all beds and sofas.

I put tit under sofa pillows under the sofa, in bottom of sofa . Our house was pretty powdery , but thats ok.
I cleaned all toys ,stuffed animals, books. everything you really got to do this.

It was a exhausting but we worked hard and got everything done. The next day , dead bed bugs every where.
My wife and 3 year old son are very allergic, i never had a reaction neither did my newborn. After treatment , my son never had another hive and his arms and legs always had them before . My wife still got bit a couple of times, it seemed only from the living room. So I treated sofa again . Did this over and over for a couple of weeks.
then never had another problem again. its been 5 months. and we are bug free.

The number one thing is cleaning everything , they hide in everything

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