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Finding a dependable and honest Professional Carpet Cleaning Company is very important.  This is why Mighty Clean only hires  the best and most highly trained carpet cleaning technicians.   Our staff is always friendly, honest and upfront with our pricing.

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Hiring the wrong company can cause you money not worth spending , you paying to much or your carpets being ruined.  That is why Mighty Clean Home has taken the guess work out of the industry.  Our up front honest estimates includes all treatments required for your carpets to be properly done.  Each carpet is different and the amount of treatment will affect the price.  But, our truckmounted steam carpet cleaning equipment and professional safe chemicals will leave your carpets clean and odor free.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Mail Ads and Offers are Usually

a Scam

Often you will see an add on Facebook or in the mail for an incredibly low price for a carpet cleaning.  You should run away from such deceptive companies.  They will lure you in with these to good to be true prices and show up and charge you more than a reasonable carpet cleaner would.   I hear it every day.  We got scammed , fleeced and we so wish we knew before what we know now.  This is an unfortunate part of the carpet cleaning industry and so many people are often lured into these bait and switches.   Even if you do not accept the higher prices to clean your carpet the technicians will just run water over your carpets and leave them wet and dirty.

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Always Hire Trained and Reputable Rug And Carpet Cleaners

There are many great and honest carpet cleaning companies here in Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta and surrounding Atlanta area. So when you decide to hire a carpet cleaner , you should  first always make sure they are licensed and insured.  Next you should ensure they have been certifiably trained by one of the leading carpet cleaning manufacturers like Mohawk or Shaw or by a reputable industry leader such as IIRC .  This will insure you that not only are you hiring a real company but they have been trained to treat all sorts of stains, dirt and odors from many types of carpet, rugs and upholstery.  A well trained technician with proper equipment makes all the difference in the world.

Roswell Pet Stain Carpet Removal

With Mighty Clean Home  you can always rest assure that our carpet technicians have gone

through strict background checks and advanced certification before they ever step foot in your home.  We also use top of the line equipment and professional treatments to service your home.  Our equipment includes truckmounted carpet cleaners that are top rated by industry standards along with the best and safest chemicals for your home and carpet  All of our technicians are friendly, professional and care about your home and doing a great job.

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Professional Carpet Pet Stain and Odor Removal

If you have pets they might be your carpets and rugs worst enemy.  Though we love our pets like family they often have accidents and  soil our carpets.  This can leave tough to remove stains and odors that go all the way down to the carpet pad.  Once,it does it is very difficult for someone to do DIY to remove the odor and stain.  It will just keep coming back no matter how many times you try.

Mighty Clean Home offers professional pet stain and odor removal that is the right solution for you.  We can tackle any job no matter how big or small.  We have extraction claws that can pull liquids deep from your carpets all the way to the pads.  Our cleaning detergents are the best in the market and we spare no expense to have the right equipment and chemicals for any kind of job. We can also replace carpet pads if necessary.



Dependable , Honest, Trustworthy Locally Owned Carpet Cleaning Company

For years we have offered the most dependable carpet cleaning and customer service experience for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in North Atlanta.  We would love to be the only company that you turn to for all your carpet cleaning needs.  Please call us today at 678 439  9518 or fill our form and one customer service reps will get back in touch with you.

We are located in Roswell, Georgia but service Atlanta, Alpharetta , Marietta, East Cobb and Sandy Springs too.   We are highly rated and reviewed both on Kudzu, Yelp, Google and many other sites.  Please take the time to read all our reviews to see how we offer great customer service and experience from the first step to the last.

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Also,if you are looking also for a friendly and highly trained cleaning service maid company please visit our home page to learn more about our cleaning service.

Mighty Clean Home is a local family owned small business.  We have been servicing North Atlanta and the suburbs since 2012.   We offer Carpet Cleaning in Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, East Cobb, Marietta, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.

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Choosing a Maid Company in Marietta

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Are you looking to chose a cleaning service or maid company ?  In Marietta there are a lot of options but not all of them are equal.

The first thing you ever want to look for when hiring a cleaning company is to make sure they are licensed and insured in the state of Georgia to be in business.  You could severely regret not doing this in the future if you avoid this most critical part.  Making sure the cleaning company you hire is licensed give you assurance that this is a real company that has followed all applicable laws and that they are claiming income tax and are legally allowed to be in business and allowed to work in the United States.   You do not want to go through the nightmare of the IRS claiming that you paid a person under the table and owe thousands of dollars in fines and their income tax withholding.  If you hire an individual and tell them how to clean your home that is not licensed in the state of Georgia to be doing business then they are your employee.  You are legally bond to report and withhold their taxes and are required to pay their workman comps insurance.   If they ever get in trouble with the IRS they will claim you as their employer and if they ever get hurt in your home, your home insurance might cover their medical bills and punitive damages but you will be on the hook to pay their workman’s comp and disability , if you did not pay for their workman’s comp insurance.  If they are illegal or undocumented workers then that is another heap of trouble that you could be facing.

The other part is to make sure that the cleaning company you hire is insured.   Why ?  Well if something happens then their insurance could cover any damages or injuries caused on the job.  Did they leave a sink on that flooded your home or caused damages to your home.  Who will cover it ? Perhaps your home insurance will but maybe not.  If you go after a cleaning company in civil court to cover the cost and they don’t have insurance. It is just easier for them to declare bankruptcy than to you pay you out.

Those are really the worse case scenario but these things do happen.  I have been told by many customers of such nightmares happening.  It is not as rare as you think.  But, more importantly when hiring a cleaning company that is both Licensed and Insured you can rest assure that they have taken the responsibility to build a real business. With real workers and the want to do things the right way.  Would you really hire someone who could not even bother doing so ?  To allow them into your home around your family and possessions ?
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It is often tempting to hire the lady down the street or on Facebook , or recommended by a neighbor who offers a low price.  But, the risk is always going to be there.  Just one slip on a wet floor is all it takes to change your life.

That is why Mighty Clean Home has always been licensed , bonded and insured in the state of Georgia.  We care about you and your possessions.  And we take every step to protect you from any liability

We are also very highly rated and put our customers first.  We want to be different from other companies that no longer care about the customer experience.  We work hard every day to train our maids in the proper cleaning techniques to clean your home.  We insure we clean your home right each and every time.

So if you are looking for a Maid Company in Marietta, Ga then look no more.   Give us a call today at 678 439 9518 or fill out our fast free estimate form.

Mighty Clean Home 

Mighty Clean Home offers 20 percent off first cleaning for end of summer sale.


20 percent off maids
20 percent off maids

Now till September 30th you can save 20 percent off your first initial cleaning when you sign up for bi-weekly or weekly service.

Mighty Clean Home Atlanta’s top Maid Service  is now offering every new customer or even returning customer 20 percent off their initial cleaning when they sign up for bi-weekly or weekly recurring services.  You will get the same great deep cleaning that we are famous at a great savings.

For the past 12 years Mighty Clean Home has been known in North Atlanta as the premier cleaning service.  Our maids are highly trained at being efficient cleaners and are hired for their eye for detail and friendly attitude.  If you have ever hired a cleaning service in the past and have been unhappy with the results and customer care, then MCH is the maid service company that you want and need.  What we sell is value.  Value that you will get top cleaning service and you do not have to worry that your home will be cleaned properly every time.

Not only do we offer a great cleaning service for your home, we also do strict criminal background checks on all our maids.  We will never hire anyone who is even questionable to ever enter your home.   We hire positive cleaners with friendly and professional attitudes that are safe to enter your home even when you are not there.

We back all our cleanings with a solid guarantee , that if you are unhappy with our service , give us a call and we will make it right at no additional expense to you.   Not only that, we have old fashion values where customer service and the customer experience comes first.  We are always checking on our work making sure our maids are keeping you happy and you are getting value that you deserve.

So, till the end of September I am extending a discount to say 20 percent off you first initial cleaning when you sign up for recurring services to our award winning maid company.   I promise you that you will not find another cleaning company that truly cares and strives to make you happy as Mighty Clean Home.

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Sure , there are a lot of companies that might offer a cheaper price but they also offer a cheaper service.  A service where  you will be constantly chasing after them for poor cleanings and sub-par customer experience.  Today, there are even simple apps that will send a complete stranger to your home with no training to clean your home for a cheap price.  People with no supervision and requirements to enter your home.  You do not even know that the person you hired will show up instead of someone else.

Not us, never. We use 100 percent American Citizens and Legal Aliens with thorough background checks.  We use the latest technology to keep track our services and customer care. We also are always training and retraining our maids with the best cleaning methods and cleaners.

We are also a Green Cleaning Company !

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