5 Ways to Keep Your Bathrooms Mold Free in the Summer

Mold in Bathroom Atlanta

Summer is here and the humidity that it brings can quickly turn your cleaning oasis to a horror show of mold.  Luckily we composed a list of five things you can do to keep mold at bay.

1.  Keep your Bathroom Clean

Maybe the most obvious way is to clean your bathroom grout and tile every week.  Even if does not seem to be dirty or have any mold does not mean those mold spores are not there.   You can use a simple mix of dish washing soap and a sponge to wash down your bathroom tile.  You can also use Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner that you can just spray without wiping.


2. Reseal your Grout Once a Year

Resealing your grout at least once a year will prevent build up and mold spores from penetrating the grout.   If the mold cannot penetrate the grout then it cannot grow inside the grout and irreversible damage to it.  In Atlanta, Roswell and the rest of Georgia and the south, you really need to do this once a year to prevent that ugly black mold from showing up and taking over.  HINT:  Also make sure the caulk along your edges are in good condition without gaps or disintegration. Remove and re-caulk any that has been compromised.

3. Keep Towels Out

There is nothing more that mold loves than towels and clothing in the bathroom.  Cotton is very porous and absorbent, making it the perfect location for mold to hide and grow. Keep Your Towels out for a clean fresh bathroom.  Note:  Keeping your towels in your bathroom will cause mold and mildew to grow and will really smell them up.

4.  Keep Ventilation Fan on For at Least One Hour 

Most modern bathrooms are required to have a ventilation fan in each bathroom.  This helps pull the humidity and moisture out and prevent mildew and mold from growing.  With a flip of a switch you can make a huge difference in your war against mold.   Just run it for at least 1 hour after shower and that should do the trick.  If you own an older home without ventilation fans , simply keep your shower doors , curtain and bathroom doors open to ventilate after each shower or bath.

5:  Hire a Cleaning Company

For those of you to busy or just cant control the mold and mildew issue your self the best solution is to hire a cleaning company.   The right cleaning company will know exactly how to safely remove any mildew and mold in your shower and then to maintain your bathroom from it returning in droves.   Sometimes with older homes or bathrooms who's tile or grout and not been maintained or sealed properly , mold can grown behind the tile.  When this happens a cleaning company will be able to come and clean,remove and maintain the mold from spreading.

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